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Property Assessment to Evaluate Your BC Real Estate

A-Teck Appraisals provides a consultation and advocacy service to owners and tenants of commercial, industrial, and multi-family real estate.

Why Choose Us?

Shelagh Stadel and Trevor Wallace both have years of experience with the Assessment Review Panel, and at the Assessment Appeal Board Level. We know how difficult the property assessment process can be, so let us help you! By relying on our expertise, we can identify for you errors in the implementation of property assessment policy and procedures. Since we are based out of Prince George, we understand the local and regional real estate market, and are knowledgeable about market values throughout Northern British Columbia.

We will carry out and complete inquiries, negotiations, case preparation, and presentations at all stages of the assessment appeal process and during the appeal hearings. Often, however, adjustments to your assessment can be procured without proceeding to the formal assessment appeal hearing stage, or even the written submission stage.

And best of all:

In order to do this, we will require a Property Value Summary Report.

Just send us a copy and we will review your assessment….it’s that easy!

Please Note: As Property Value Summary reports do not contain confidential property information, an Authorization to Receive Confidential Property Information Form is not required when acting on behalf of the owner(s).

After our initial review, we will report to you our findings and discuss your options on how best to proceed.

Steps for an Appeal

1. Review Assessment Notice – Check to see if the market value and all information is correct (note: assessment notices are mailed out to everybody on December 31, annually). ***If you are concerned about the accuracy of your assessment, this is the best time to contact A-Teck Appraisals to review your property assessment.***

2. Discuss  Your  Concerns – contact your local BC Assessment office (online/phone/in-person).

3. Request a Review– If granted, an independent review will be conducted by the Property Assessment Review Panel (PARP).

“Notice of Complaint.” Must be submitted by January 31st. Your complaint must include:

  •  your reason for requesting a review;
  • the Property Assessment Roll number as stated on the Assessment Notice;
  • the property description (address and/or legal description) as stated on your Notice;
  • your full name, mailing address and a contact phone number where you can be reached during the day;
  • a statement indicating whether or not you own the property in question; and if you appoint an agent, the agent’s full name and business phone number. You are also required to fill out an “Authorization to Receive Confidential Property Information”. This form allows us to receive the information we require to review your property assessment and allows us to act on your behalf. Here is the link: Authorization to Receive Confidential Property Information.

4. Preparing for your Hearing – Prepare evidence package. Five copies are required.

5. Appear at Hearing – Hearings are held between February 1st and March 15th, annually. You will be given an appointment. You will have five to eight minutes to present your case. Note: appointment availability may be limited because not all panels sit throughout the six-week hearing timeframe.

6. Panel Decisions – Decisions must be rendered by March 16th; a formal Decision Notice will be mailed to you by April 7th.

7. Appeal to a Property Assessment Appeal Board (PAAB) – If you are not satisfied with the PARP decision, you may submit your appeal to the PAAB. The filing deadline is April 30th.

A person affected by a PAAB decision may appeal to the BC Supreme Court, but only on a question of law. Any further appeal to the BC Court of Appeal only rests on a question of law where the Court of Appeal grants leave.

There are some important dates to remember throughout this process:

Dec 31st

Property assessments released by BC Assessment

January 31st

PARP deadline to appeal

February 1st - March 15th

PARP appeal hearings are scheduled

April 7th

Formal decisions from the PARP are mailed

April 30th

Deadline to appeal to the PAAB

Contact A-Teck Appraisals to review your assessment.

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